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Issue with dome light

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Sorry to keep coming back with nonsense yall. I’m genuinely confused right now.

My 1989 240SX SE (hatch) has a spot for a dome light, but it didnt come with the dome light when I bought it. Idk what the last guy did with it. So I bought one that’s supposed to be for my car.

The one I initially bought worked fairly well, other than the fact that it doesnt turn on unless the doors are open no matter how I orient the switch. But one issue… The screws don’t line up with the roof! Wtf!

So I researched further. Turns out, I was wrong - my specific year 240SX uses the same dome light as the D21/Nissan pickup. So I bought that one. The screws line up… but now the connector doesn’t fit! Wtf again!

The D21 dome light is a 3-prong connector. My car is fitted with a 2-prong connector. I have no idea how this happens, but I’m wondering if anyone can help me see what I’m missing here. Sorry if this is a stupid post but I’m stumped.

Check out these pictures to see what I mean:

Gas Cable Electronic engineering Electronic component Nickel

D21 dome light is 3-prong. My car is only compatible with 2-prong.

Automotive lighting Product Bumper Digital camera Automotive exterior

D21 dome light on the right, S13 coupe dome light on the left.

Rectangle Grey Font Automotive lighting Metal

Automotive parking light Hood Automotive lighting Amber Bumper

S13 coupe dome light connects and (kinda) works, but does not line up with the screw holes in the roof

Gesture Communication Device Gadget Finger Audio equipment

D21 dome light lines up and fits perfectly but does not connect to 2-prong

Automotive tire Wood Grey Tints and shades Snout

This is what my roof looks like. I didnt modify anything

Wood Gas Automotive lighting Tints and shades Art

Different angle of the S13 coupe dome light

Automotive lighting Hood Automotive design Automotive mirror Vehicle door

Another angle.
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Did you ever end up figuring this out?
No nothing yet unfortunately, I pretty much just connected the S13 coupe light and lazily tucked it behind the headliner. It doesnt look good but at least I kinda get light, but only when the door’s open lol I’ll figure something out later, right now I’m dealing with a bad overheating issue that keeps coming back
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