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j-30 diff question(again)

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just 2 clarify guys since iam a idiot. when people say you need an abs driveshaft from a s13, to mount a j-30 pumpkin on an s13(using the 13 cover).

-are they talking about the driveshaft going front to back from the tranny to the diff??

-or are they talking about the axel going left to right(to the wheels)??

because if iam correct the s13's did not come with abs..
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u answered ur own question...
"ABS Driveshaft"
(trans to diff)

axles(diff to wheels)

but most say u dont need it u can slide the ds foward...
imyself when i get around to getting a lsd(thinks i already have one) i will be using the s13 diff case and the s13 ring n pinion gears(to just gain lsd) and gonna be shimming it to make it a 2way...
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