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Alright, so I picked up the gauge cluster and pigtail that comes with it. As seen below:

I heard there was a full writeup on how to install it on FreshAlloy, but on searching it appears the author of the writeup deleted the thread right before he was banned. I have since searched on all the other 240 sites I could think of for an install. All I could find was this:

black w/ silver dots-ground
black-illumination dimmer
yellow/red-oil pressure sensor
black/pink-boost sensor

You'll hook the illumination dimmer wire to the red/yellow in the car, and I'd run ignition to the cluster wire, not behind the radio. Better source. Buy a Z32 oil pressure sending unit and install it in place of the OE switch, ground one side and feed the other to the gauge input. The boost sensor uses a voltage reference, I'm hooking mine up this weekend using the boost sensor that sits on the RH shock tower. 5 volts is maximum input to the gauge as far as I can tell, and that's the output from the ECU, so it should work fine. Also, you'll notice when it gets installed that the gauges are angled slightly towards the rightside, you can flip the outer housing around, but it requires a little trimming and some creativity, and you'll need to mount it in the lower DIN spot, the trim panel has a lip on the top and won't fit right if left in the upper slot.

This is very helpful, but I was just wondering if anyone else had any input on the subject, or a link to the entire writeup. Also, I have heard that everyone who has installed this cannot get the boost gauge to work - apparently you need the S14 silvia boost sender which is impossible to find, does anyone have any breakthoughs on how to get this to work?
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