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Just a quick question

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Hey there, i'm just starting to get into the 240sx s14's
i've always thought the kouki's looks were always badass
but i've always wondered what is this model called

i'm not sure is its a se or le or its an optional aero package that was offered for a certain trim, or the jdm version?
i've seen a s14 very similar to this here where i live out here in central california if that matters.

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JDM s14. I couldnt tell you more then that
The sideskirts are OEM not JDM.
Umm since when would they not be a OEM JDM piece?
Umm since when would they not be a OEM JDM piece?
didnt the JDM skirts look different? USDM I meant lol
Okay now that makes sense haha. Well since when did usdm ones have that wing?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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