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just need to ask...

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the sound psshhh when you open the gas tank is normal right? but my car has over heating alot but it is fix for now and the radiator hoes blowed up and i had it fixed now it is running "ok". it is a automatic .
but the gas tank does not make that sound any more. is this ok ? if there is a thread like this sorry just looking for a answer thank you
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IMO, Usually your gas tank will "pshh". It is more likely to do so after its been running. Means your gas cap/tank is holding pressure. I may be wrong, but that is my take on it.
Yup. There's a minimal amount of pressure in the tank.

Some cars are actually able to detect the lack of pressure (read: You left your gas cap off) and can throw a code.
Don't worry, a little bit isn't at all un-common.

If you've been heating the tank due to a malfunctioning exhaust or something... expect a lot more than a brief "PSSHHH" to come out.
it makes me happy to know that that is normal and actually a good thing, i just had to replace my fuel pump and before my car never made that noise, after i got done i drove it around a bit and then put gas in it and it did it and made me worried, but now i know thats good so no worries, its odd too because the previous owner replaced the fuel pump before i bought it, but i dont think he did it right as far as having the tank sealed right, and i also dont think he changed the strainer or fuel filter when he changed it which basically ruined it, i didnt make that mistake and now my car runs like a champ
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