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ka-t or sr20

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which is better in the long run. a ka-t or a sr20. to make it a little easier. the ka has the greddy 18g turbo kit. well say the sr gets the gt28 kit. which one is worhty of a heavy foot.
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It all depends. You could make 300 hp for 2000 bucks on a ka and it would be at least 4k for the sr. There both good motors. Stock for stock or both with bpu there sr will prolly last longer,but for 2k you could buy like 10 ka motors. If both motors are build then there about the same as in power out put wise.

But dont just go by what I say, go by what everyone else says.. an research.
I say.... SR

-The SR if as reliable if not more then the KA
-Its turbo from factory (stronger internals)

But KA isnt bad, dont get me wrong

-Its already in the car (don’t have to buy a engine, or do the swap)
With the KA, how much power can you really get with out touching the internals? is it really worth it ?

::: i think 240-kid should make a thread on this SR VS. KA(T) :::
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my opinion is, that if you buy a car with a trashed motor.. drop in a sr, but if your car runs and drives well and compression tests out, then I would just turbo the bitch..
B16 Ftw!!!
SR swap $2000.+
KA fully rebuilt w/ forged internals and Turbo'd $1900+

Do the math, I'm not going to build a car w/o knowing what shape the motor is in. Its hit or miss w/ used SRs. If I ever went SR i would have to rebuild the whole damn thing like Andy (2fass), do it right or do it twice. ;)
someone should sticky a thread about sr vs ka so these questions dont keep on coming up in the future... i see this question everyday by a new member... or perhaps they arent really searching like they're supposed to....
I'm doing wiring issues, more displacement, I'm fabbing manifolds anyway so might as well use the factory motor!

- Brad
I am probably going to end up doing Ka-T as well.. but imo when you get on it the exhaust sounds funny... it's tottaly different when you get on it with an SR
SR20 all the way!! It is a lower mileage engine, was designed for FI from the factory, and can be replaced for a low price.

Don't mess with building a KA. It requires too much work and is not as reliable as the SR.
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