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KA24DE: Does it matter if the wiring harness is auto or manual?

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Okay my 240 is in the shop and getting the engine swapped from a sohc(going bad) to a dohc, i got the engine from another 240 thats auto and mines manual, will it matter if the wiring harness is auto or manual? i read somewhere that the manual is longer but the auto is shorter but im not entirely sure, i need to know so that i dont get the wrong one
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and does it apply with the ecu also?
the auto harness and ecu should work in your 5 speed im doing the same swap right now blew the sohc working on the dohc my ecu is also from an auto. the auto ecu will delete your rev and speed limiter as well ane there is a connector in the dash above the glove box that may not fit ur harness wich is exactly where i am stuck right now so if you find a diagram to swap connectors i could really use it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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