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ka24de does not accelerate after 4000 rpm

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i recently buy it and doesn't accelerate after 4000 rpm.

it's a 240sx S14 95' with ka24de.

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i had a similar problem. my car would not rev under 2500rpm. checked the throttle cable and it was hella tight. maybe yours is hella loose, not opening the throttle body all the way. might not be the solution but i'd check it out.
hey man, i agree, that means u dont have passing gear..Omg i know... just fixed one the other day with 2 cans of wd-40 just refreshen the cable and if not change and should be like new
also, sometimes, there is alot of smoke, only when I start the engine or when I do a long stop (after red light)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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