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ka24de fuel issue?....please help

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okay having one hell of a problem and i desperatly need some help/advice. My car will not start what so ever, it'll crank and it sounds like a real good crank, I'll pump the gas and you can hear the engine trying to turn over but it just doesnt catch. it just seems restricted or something. But....and heres the kicker where im lost, i can take the fuel pump fuse out and the car starts. As soon as i hit the gas pedal, it kills it. Put the fuse back in....and nothing besides it cranking and trying to catch. I have new plugs and wires. Ive checked for spark and i do have spark in all 4cylinders. Ive checked the ECU and it just gives me the good ol' 5-5. Ive pulled the fuel rail off and checked and all 4 injectors are spraying. Could it be my fuel pump? it has a relativly new filter on it, im just lost and dont know what the hell to do or where to start. please help....thanx guys. later

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also, while doin some more toolin on it tonite, i noticed that my fuel gauge was on E....put 5Gals in, and the fuel gauge is still on E. Tried cranking it, still the same thing. Same with and without the fuel pump fuse in/out. what?? and i found out that my a while ago my fuel press reg needed replaced and my buddy gave me one from a altima KA-DE, could that be a prolem? only other one i have sitting around is one from a SR, would that help or even make a diff? thanx guys
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