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ka24de how much $?

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i have a ka24de engine just laying around with a rod knock its not to bad but either way it is knocking im just wondering about how much money i can get out of this engine
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it all depends but i would give you $80.00 max if i had the $$$ and needed it.
would you be willing to part it out? i have a friend who needs injectors that arent shot
i might buy the hole motor from u if u want lemme know
id like to sell the full motor but if it comes down to it i will part out and yes the injectors are fine
i a seling the engine 100 bucks takes it i like in tennessee knoxville area just msg me and let me know buyers
complete motor? and tranny harness ecu etc etc???
complete motor not harness or ecu had to use them for the motor i had to drop in it
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