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I have recently completed an sr20det swap into my 92 240sx hatch and I have a ton of great quality stuff that I need to get rid of... The car previously had a KA24DET setup, meaning that the stock KA was turbo charged, so no matter if your going SR20 or KA-T I have all that you need.

I will try to list all of the things that I have but with the large volume of products I know there will be things I forget. If you are available this weekend I strongly recommend coming out to see everything because you never know what I may have that you need. Or if you just want to ask me if I have a certain thing before you come out feel free to do so. I have more pictures upon request. All things will be "best offer" and because I need to get this stuff off my property.

I will start off with the big things...

KA24DE-T complete engine - no trans - $350
-the number 4 cylinder ring in the engine was blown (cylinder rings are $200). block and all components are all still in great shape. The engine has aftermarket coil pack, new fuel rail (may be aftermarket) and 370cc injectors - injectors SOLD

-KA24DE Air Conditioning - Will include hoses - $200

-KA24DE Power Steering - Will include hoses - $50

-KA24DE ecu tuned for 370cc injectors and t28 turbo by Redline Performance - SOLD

** I have parts of the KA harness but its cut up and missing some pieces - $10 bucks to whoever wants it.

^^^Will include all of the above as complete with the sale of the engine (KA24DE-T, AC, PS, ECU, Harness) for $500^^^

-Complete garrett t25 - turbine completely thrashed but could be scrapped for housing, actuator, etc - $50

-Apex'i Air Fuel Controller (AFC) - look it up they go for 200 new - SOLD

-Stage 2 exedy clutch - $150

-Aftermarket 12" fans with radiator - SOLD

-Custom KA-T exhaust mani - SOLD

-Matching custom KA-T turbo elbo - SOLD

-Matching Custom KA-T down pipe - SOLD

-Stock KA mani - $15

-Stock SR20 mani - $15

-Stock SR20 Turbo elbo - $10

-Stock air filter system with box for KA - $20

-Aftermarket KA-T air system setup - SOLD

-Like new valve cover - $20

-Stock fuel rail - $20

-Stock fuel pump - $20


-SR20DET heat shiels (set of 2)

-2 Seat rails (pretty rusted)

-What I think is a stock KA oil pump

-Miscellaneous oil, ac, ps, air filter hoses

-Transmission mount and exhaust hanger

-2 Good condition engine mounts

-Shifter with boot

-I also have tons of hardware so dont worry about that cuz you will most likely find what you need.

-More random KA harness parts

Feel free to come check everything out on saturday after 3, sunday before 1 or after 6, or maybe weeknights. Call/Text any questions to 925.789.0305 or call me at my house at 925.862.0360.

Thanks and I hope I can help you get what you need.

I have pictures just email me.... [email protected]

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I got downs on manifold, down pipe, turbo elbow, and air system(?) for KA Let me know how much shipped to 39817 and I need to see pics.

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Also does anyone know if the shifter from a ka24de will work for a ka24e. Also will the tranny mount from a de work with an e.

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Willing to part the t25 since it's blown? I need the wastegate actuator and the bracket/arm for it.

Also the turbo elbow for it from the sr20.

How much would those be shipped to 16001?
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