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ka24de lifters and engine swap help

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im currently having problems with my hydraulic lifters in my ka24de. its preety hard to find them for a decent price so now im looking for a whole engine. if anyone knows where i can find a lifter set that would be great if not im looking for a complete swap minus tranny (engine, ecu, wiring hardness). i have an 89 240 hatchback. some other questions i have are: if i pick up a 95 ka24de what is needed to put it in my 89? im assuming ecu and wiring this correct and do i need anything else? also is the ecu/wiring harness specific for each is a 91 ecu/harness required for a 91 engine? any and all help is greatly appreciated
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a set for 375$ you can keep your engine.. i tried do a little searching only thing i can find.. theres prolly some other places go to a parts shop see if you can find out where they would order some lifters from. then order yourself

its by group type.. s13e s13de s14
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