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Hey all, new to the site I have a question that's been stumping me.
I managed to snag a De from an xterra a year ago, im wanting to to build and do run of the mill turbo rebuild and whatnot. Along my research I'm getting mixed answers on the actual block/ head stats.

Do I have to worry about differing measurements for rebuild/turbo parts? I was assuming I get ka parts listed for s13s/14s and they would work for the xterra version. I know the intake is different however I get conflicting answers as foe the head/block.
Will it become a nightmare to try to figure this out when it comes to allocating the right parts?

I ask this because a seller just popped up in my area with a ka from a 240sx w/ trans for a grand and im wondering if I'd save a headache and possibly more from just getting one from an s chassis.
Thanks in advance.
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