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KA24E-T S13 and SR20det swapped E30 coupe

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Hello just wanted to introduce myself and share S13 as well as my SR swapped E30 BMW. Lets bring some life back into the forums!!!
I am an ECU tuner by trade and support a ton of Nissans including SR, KA, RB, VR and many others. Hopping i can share some helpful info and ensure the next generation of 240sx owners all get to enjoy their reliable nissans!

My S13 (this car is KA24E-T) my first car actually and i still own it :) It's been through a number of revisions but as it sits now will likely be where it stays. Latest revision was done while i worked at Full-Race back in 2008-10.

The SR swapped E30, I bought this car back in Thailand back in 2011 since then its got a lot of special work to firm up the chassis and ensure the rear end can handle all the abuse i want to throw at it. Car is tube frame front and rear with subframe connectors running the length of the car connecting rear subframe/suspension to the front subframe/suspension. Custom front strut towers front and rear to accommodate the non e30 suspension setup.

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Welcome, and nice rides!
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