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ka24e to de wiring help

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ok so im sure this has been covered but im new to forums as i am usually to stubborn to ask for help ha haand i looked for a while didnt see any thing related but i blew a rod on my soch so i picked up a doch for real cheap just got it all wired up and there is a connecter from the pcm that goes up and connects to another connector behind he glove box well the connector on the new harness is different than the one behind the glove box does anyone know where i could find a diagram to swap the connector to the correct one most of the colors are the same on the two but there are a few different so would would really appreciate some help prevent anymore problems thx guys
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dude just colour match the wire harness and dnt wry there is goin to be some extra wire left over but there is tonnes of forums on this topic.... search bar on top of this page
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