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keep c3 veilside?

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So I bought a shitty s13 a while back with what I thought was $50 side skirts and a shitty paintjob (*burnt orange). As I was cruising the internet I stumbled upon the veilside site with my side skirts on one of their models! I am still debating whether I should keep them or sell off and get the jdm type x side skirts. This is the pics from the veilside site with the side skirts. My cars in the shop so I cant get a pic of it up. The only difference in my car is that the front is kinda like a mock type x bumper with the chuki turn sigs. and the back dosent have the obnoxious spoiler.

I just need an opinion on to keep or not too. Im getting my rs watanabe rims and have the chance to swap out the body kit or to just leave it...or too remove and go silvia im just to unsure of what to do. Any input would be appreciated.
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^^^Not really the "in" thing anymore. I would get rid of it and go with the JDM conversion you are talking about.
agreed. that is probably the ugliest 180 iv ever seen
thanks. The more I think about it the more im liking it. I mean if I pull up to any normal asshole who knows at least 1 thing about tuning he will think "look at that ricer POS with a SOHC" and then I will revv my turbo charged sr20, but wont race because racing is a big no no...mabey this will come down to qualcomm trak days...yes I shall call it the ricermobile and I shall go to all motorX events and dominate!!!!!!!!!!

will get pics of ricermobile up soon.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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