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Keep me in your Prayers

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This is the 240 iv'e had for a couple of months ... it need a LOT of TLC ...
Just thoght i'd let some people see how much work will have to be done ...!
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ive seen beat up 240s, that one wins.... anyways, need parts, let me know,
good god. i hope you know how much work thats gonna take.
damn good luck bro but i have seen worse..what wheels are those up front te37"s? if so ummm delicioso....again good luck takes time but can be
man.. take care of that front/rear.. put them TE37's on...
and u should be fine..

oh and maybe some paint
how much did u pay for that thing? i hope you got some dough left over in the bank or u know some people at body shops.
o_o. scary. i do think the side skirts don't look bad, though. BODYWORK IS YOUR FRIEND!
Whats so bad about it? Throw some bumpers on there and youre good to go!

when we were painting my bumper


and then!

and then!!

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3 Thousand... It runs real strong
I cherish that car ... and Bodywork is my friend... It's what i'm going to school for ...
The wheels.. well i had them on till I popped a curb and bent two, cracked one so ... new wheels in the future... also if anyone has turn signals for the front... i need em'
Damn dude do you have any before pics

one of the very few Flat S14 ive seen :D

Looking good :D

not too bad
dayum!! 3k??!!...its cool though...have fun with it, thats all that counts...
looks like a hunk of crap. please bring it back. it reminds me of my old s14. mine was flat black with bronze wheels... then a mexi pulled infront of me a week later.
3k is just a bit much, but if thats what it takes to bring another 240 back to life, then so be it.
3 grand to bring a 240sx back from the dead is not bad at all!

my little project is costing me close to 6, to raise my car from the dead.

i may have some turn signals in my messed up bumper. i don't believe they got damaged....
no doubt three grand to bring a project up isnt bad...its damn good if you ask me...the problem is, the car cost three grand...whats done is done so lets not make him feel bad and just support his decision...
doesnt seem like too much work. just the flatblack is making it look alotworse then it actually is. i think just rear bumper and paint and itll look normal lol.
headlight bracket thingy. door aligning.
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