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Not sure if this is useful information for this crowd. I hopped on to sell some items I've had forever and figured I should attempt to contribute something so here goes:

I mated an OBD1 block to OBD2 head/ECU on a Honda. With no knock signal the ECU runs rich and the car is down on power. Plugging in a sensor and tucking it away has the same effect because there isn't enough voltage detected when the car is running.

I put 2 piezoelectric sensors together and mounted them to the fuel rail. The sensors (typically used in reverse as they vibrate when you apply a voltage to them - used in cell phones and other vibration devices) provide a signal to the ECU in the range it needs. I used 1 at first and it wasn't enough voltage. 2 worked great however if the car idles smoothly enough then the voltage dips below the threshold and trips the light and it stays on but performance isn't affected since even the smallest amount of throttle and it gets enough voltage to make the ECU happy. I was too lazy to wire in a third because I don't want excess voltage and get a light while on throttle if the signal exceeds the threshold. I did this 30k miles ago when I roasted a D16y8 block and rebuilt a D16z6 block I had laying around. Fun little project. With a fidanza flywheel, lighter wheels, and grandma driving then I can squeeze 35mpg out of a 97 civic coupe. My teenage kids look at me weird because my DD is older than them, I don't blame them.

If anyone cares enough to know more then I can get the model number of the sensors I used. I'm not the originater of this application for faking the knock sensor but I felt it was a cheap and fun way to get around the performance issues.
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