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Lets see your wheels!

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liek it says the wheels on ur cars....and let us know what size...price..and how you like em... hehe let the showin begin!
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Please DO post the offset especially..

I'm checking out wheels for my '89, and need to know.
I'm not that offset wise, I know what it is, and know that i should get a positive offset, but i dont know how to judge how it will look on a car.

Like, i wuz checking out a site that sold these wheels with +40 offset and they said it would fit a 240SX.
then i found out from this forum that they would stick out alot..
its confusing..

so pleez do post your offsets, so we can get an idea.
bling bling.. u know which one i'm talkin bout.

I have these all around.. 15x6'' +40 offset.

heh.. they came with the car. or.. they come with most cars actually. :heyhey
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1 - 3 of 1046 Posts
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