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Now that the KA is out it took a crap and left behind lots of debris!!
--Ka Fan shroud ($20.00)
--Ka Ratiator (very nice condition $50.00)
--Stock steering wheel ($20.00)
--Go-kart small steering wheel ($30.00) cool looking would look nice
--2 KA ecu's ones manual and the others' Auto ($50.00 ea.)
(Note: people with manual trans should pick up the over rides the speed limiter...)
--Stock intake tube($10.00) complete
--Stock SR Intake tube from maf to turbo inlet ($25.00)
--SR manifold with gasket ($25.00)
--JDM cluster ($75.00)
--2 T25 from previous thread ($40 for one $50 for the other) $80.00 for both( it still boost has little shaft play) both rebuildable
--Stock SR fuel pump ($50.00)
--DOHC MAF good condition for the KA ($60.00)

--KA24DE with tranny and what's left of harness pretty complete about 160xxx still in good condition ran superbly strong for amount of mileage compression before storage was165.165.165.165 on all 4 has new plugs and wires..turbo'ed for 2 months pan is tapped for oil return line. taps been made in two places one for people who wants to keep AC and another for people without AC. ($350.00 obo)
--Stock cat-back exhaust ($50.00) complete no leaks good for replacing your busted up fart can..
--Stock SR clutch ($20.00) came out of my clip unknown condition...looks ok to use though some life left in it.
--AC fan ($15.00)
--Altima fans ($40.00) was gonna put it to replace clutch KA fan but never got to it. tested good working condition.
--SR drive shaft ($25.00) someone wants this
--AC condenser ($20.00)
--JDM glove box ($40.00)
--Air horn kit comes with mini air compressor as well.. cool and loud ass hell also came wid the clip made in italy. ($60.00)
--complete t25 setup with lines and BOTH outlets ($150.00) if no one buys it i'll keep it for a spare..

EDIT:: i also got a logitech steering wheel for GT4 ( the steering wheel that does 900 degrees rotation) $65.00 barely used...some kids came over and stole my GT4 game...douche!!

Most of these you can imagine how they look like but if your anal and need pictures let me know what you need and i'll take them for you..

everything is OBO so long as no one lowball me..i wont reply to them.

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I'll let you know on the t25's, i can use them Pics would be great if you have any of them
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