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lowering spring pictures with information about the hardware

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would like to see a thread with everyones lowered car i would love to hear what you have on your car and how much it is lowered

this all started when i got kyb agx practically free so started looking for pictures to see if it was even worth the time and money for lowering springs and the time to install but cant find any that tell me how low or what kind of springs they are thanks everyone that can help me out..
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i got tokico hp blues w/ ksport gt lowering springs. i also have a smaller profile tires on the stocks, which is why i have a good size gap in the wheel well. all in all it gave it about a 2" drop.
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AGX's are only good for a 1" drop and a spring rate change of +10% over Stock. So in a way I wouldn't rec. them but if there for free you might as well take them. Also I advise you get springs that won't have you riding the bump stops on a rough rode. I personally think that the S-Chassis should be lowered at a 1:1 of Drop:Spring Rate increase. Simple terms for every 1.0" drop I'd rec. a 100% increase in spring rate. This pertains mostly to the front considering that front has about 1/3 of the travel the rear has so you should need to worry about the rear at all really.

S14 Stock Springs are 2.0kg F & R
1.0" Drop Should be in the area of 4.0kg to keep you off the Bump stops. You will none the less hit it should there be some kind of impurity in the road while taking a turn or while the suspension is compressing but to prevent you from "riding" them that is the ratio I have come up with.

I personally had Tanabe GF210 Springs on my 14 and they were horrible IMO. 1.5" Drop and the Front Spring rate was only 2.8kg. I was hitting the bump stop just about every time a decent size bump or change in the road occurd. Very irritating.

BUT, for something that's just going to be a daily you can get whatever you want. Those were just my recommendations.
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thnks for the info. yeah it will be a daily and i have ben reading up on the suspension forum but i only got about a thousand in the car im about to paint it and its a daily with 196k miles everything works and its and automatic so im kinda jsut going for the look but i dont want it to ride like a lowered honda lol those days are over for me.. so the lowering springs will cause the kyb to prematurely wear or they will cause them to just not work? and would i be better off useing my stock shocks for the lowering springs cause i dont now how long they have ben on the car but they seem like they are in good shape
Like I mentioned the AGX's are only recommended by KYB to be used at a 1"drop max. The only Struts made for real lowering springs are the Koni Yellows and Tokico HTS's.
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