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MAF part number ANyone help plz :(

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Hey everyone im running the 300zx MAF and its running ok but crappy cant do a tune this year so i need stock MAF but dunno the part number and scared to buy the wrong one of ebay!

i have a s14 Sr20det
the ecu numbers are as listed :



53 *** 7

the stars are where i cant make it out but ive done a little research and the top number is the important one! so from what ive learned i have the zuki or whatever motor but heres the ebay lsiting

Nissan Silva 180 240 SX Mass Air Flow Sensor Meter MAF on (item 300443450717 end time 03-Aug-10 17:19:01 EDT)

Someone help me find a part number or tell me if thats the right one to buy!

thanks guys:twocents:
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You should be ok with any of the MAFs that are designed for the SR, and there are some other options out there that crossover to the SR (however, I am not sure which ones). From what I've seen, it shouldn't really matter. Pertaining to your other thread, there are cheaper options than going with a full tune. Just take a look around, there are quite a few ways to make the Z32 MAF work.

However, looking at that ebay listing, I'm going to say no. It says right in the ad that the MAF is larger and may require a tune to work. Give me few, and I'll find you the real deal...
^^^^this is what the OEM SR maf looks like, there are quite a few running around on ebay.
Oh kay, theres so much to read on here but 300zx any easy ways to make that work right> >? and that ebay listing says for the s13? i have the s14? would that matter
SR MAFs should be the same, regardless of model.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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