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Maf sensor removal

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Ok this thread title sounds stupid but thats not what im asking. I noticed on the 95 zenki maf sensor that there are 2 screws holding a plate on the maf sensor. Now i was wondering if you can remove that and pull that sensor out of the device and place it in a custom pipe to fit the sensor? Heres a pic of what im refering too:

That plug spot with the screws can you remove that and put it too something like this :
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It wouldn't seal against it. There was a thread in the last few days about this. The best place for the IAT sensor in an aftermarket intake is in a coupler, since none have a spot for it.
Is it like the one i posted? I know what your talking about but dont remember what it looks like
Ebay has a lot of those IAT couplers where the filter itself fit onto. mine didnt seal at first, and i had to take the rubber gasket/metal gasket off of the old one, remove a piece of the rubber spacer and place it against the coupler (it had a spot on it for the IAT) in order for it to be flush, and the sensor to be in the path of the incoming air.
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