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Manual Trany

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Any Ideas for a good solid 5 or 6 speed manual transmission? I got about 550WHP and the stock Auto tranni ain't holding up, the plates keep slippin.
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you have a KA-T I take it? whats your set up? any pictures? What kind of driving do you do?
running a 1989 24sx hatchback Stroked KA24 about 2.6Lt. with a Greddy turbo kit, 370 injectors, k&n air filter, AEM water injection kit, Xcessive Intake plenum, JGY Intercooler, and Top speed 3" split into 2x 2.5" exhaust.
Pics on the way!

You are NOT at 550whp with 370cc injectors. PERIOD. Try again.
that is just a guess, I was using Sim Dyno the transmission cant hold so maybe i am off. sorry. probably need to throw in the the 550 or look in to 700s.
370s are good for MAYBE if your lucky, 260-270whp.

How the hell did you get 550whp? Your tranny is fine. Its your clutch thats probably toasted. If 550whp is your goal then get a twin plate clutch.

How many psi are you running?
22psi right now but i have ran it at 26. right now the Auto transmission is just not my cup of tea i am looking of a tough Manual
O i missed the Auto part. Yea, get a manual. Just a regular 5-speed.

Do you have an AFR gauge???

Gott be honest and tell you if you really are on 370cc injectors and 22psi, I would stop boosting ASAP. Or turn the boost down to 12.
yea i got one but it broke a few weeks ago. it said i was running lean but i thought it was from the water injectors
You are running incredibly lean no doubt about that. Your poor engine.

Water injection only cools the air charge, if you were tuned for it you wouldnt have this problem because the tuner would of slapped you across the face for thinking you can run water injection with 22psi of boost on STOCK FUEL INJECTORS.

lol. Dont take any of this personal. Just go out and get you some 750cc injectors, and have a professional dyno tune your car.
no prob thanks for the advice, any ideas on a 5 speed trans
Im not sure but I THINK someone makes an adaptor kit for a Z32 tranny to bolt up the the KA24 engine. That would be your tranny for that kind of HP.

But like I said, Im not sure.
See what kind of HP you're actually making, and go from there. The auto is probably just old and toast. A Stg 2 clutch would be fine.

And yes, for the name of all that is holy, get a real tune. Now.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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