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Marinos s13 Build?

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Hey guys, so im fairly new here. Some members were commenting on my signature so I thought Id show what thats all about. Heres a brief synopsis about the last year and a half with my s13.

Some pictures from the listing

Bone stock. It had the trans and brakes redone which was perfect. It has a clean title and im the 3rd owner.

Okay so im not post any inprogress shots, but heres where it was in February.

-Stock KA
-Removed timing chain guides
-Cwest Voltage Stabilizer
-Ebay CAI with Apex'i Filter
-Apex'i N1 Dual
-Ikeya Formula Tie rods+s14 moog ends
-Cusco front and rear strut bars
-PoweredByMax Coilovers
-H4 conversion with white led city lights
-Sleepy Eyes
-Honda Civic foglight retrofit
-ipexmotoring 50/50 tails
-silvia trunk lock
-Took spoiler off, but the holes still need to be shaved
-Painted Rising sun on valve cover
-Crazy detail job that took me 10 hrs
-Crappy seat covers all around
-Pioneer Speakers and head unit
-Nardi steering wheel
-Silvia Key Light
-Silvia Digital Climate Control Conversion
-Bandanna Shift boot, Armrest cover, and glovebox
-Ebay Titanium shift knob
-Razo pedals
-Fixed HUD
-Led Climate, map, dash lights, gauge cluster.
-Custom lit led gauge needles (no I didnt pay out my ass for an indiglo kit. that ****s $5 diy)
-EPIC Viper alarm

Some of these pics are old, need to get some interior pics someday.

What I was working on last winter.

Heres the basic story of the sr.

Picked up the engine for 1775 with sidemount intercooler at JDMENGINEZONE, who I highly recommend. :)

Took apart the engine, and stripped the engine down to the block/head. Painted it with cast coat aluminum to make it freeesh.

Completely cleaned out the intake system, with new gaskets all around. All the coolant hoses were also changed with new ones, as well as the clamps. I hate those ****ty oem clamps. >_<

Resurfaced flywheel, tranny went through the same process as the engine.

Bay was painted gloss black.

Harness Before^^ And after vv

Converted it to left hand drive, lengthened certain wires so that they could be tucked under the intake manifold. Had to use a ****load of my KA harness, because my SR harness was missing a huge chunk. Cut out all the emissions stuff, and accessories. Re-loomed the whole thing with techflex. After all that, I was hyped when it didnt catch fire after hooking up the battery. :rock:

Finished up the interior, got a Boost, and oil pressure guage, as well as a boost controller.

Scramble button.

Pretty much all done.

Rolled like a boss for the first few days.

Heres how she roars. BOV can barely be herd because of the high pitch.

YouTube - Marinos Apexi N1 Dual w/ PBM Flex cobra, Test Pipe, and SR swap V1
YouTube - Marinos Apexi N1 Dual w/ PBM Flex cobra, Test Pipe, and SR swap V2

List of stuff done to the SR
-Exedy Stage 2 clutch
-DIF clutch line with damper delete
-OEM Belts
-New heater and vacuum hoses all around with fresh clamps
-Gates heater hose conversion
-OEM full gasket set
-Circuit sports Radiator hose set
-Project silvia intake with apexi filter
-Project silvia motor mounts
-Peak Performance Tranny mount
-Megan V2 Short shifter
-Walboro fuel pump
-Nismo Clutch fork pivot
-Isis V2 turbo manifold
-Isis turbo lines
-Isis pulleys
-Isis radiator
-PoweredByMax flex cobra downpipe
-Apexi dual n1 catback
-PoweredByMax magnetic drain plug
-OEM waterpump
-Slight wire tuck with re-loomed harness.
-Oil catch can

****en finally got some rims.

17x9 +12 17x9.5 +12

Went with 215/45 in the front and 225/45 in the back

Def could use some more low up front.

So thats about it right now. I try to do something every week so I will keep this updated. Trying to do some bodywork atm, so I will post some before and after shots soon. Let me know what you guys think.
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That sir is a clean Coupe you have there. +1
That valve cover is BAMF status!!

Get yourself a front mount and some shiny piping and your bay will be the tits man.
Real clean
looks sick man
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