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MB Weapons

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Hey guys whats up, i started looking at the MB weapons. The two sizes im looking at are either 17x9 +17 or 17x9+27. So my question is if i put these on my 91 240sx with agx/sportline combo and z32 brakes, will i need spacers and what size for each (front and Back) and will i need to pull or roll teh fenders. This is going to be my daily driver so i just want to make sure i dont rub or anything. Also what tires ill look good and function as a daily driver. Im sorry i have searched but i just have found so many answers that i dont know which to follow. Thank you for your help.
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I'm not going to get into the sizing, it will always vary, depending on the actual style of the wheel, not just actual spacing, offset, etc. However, you mind if I ask what kind of price you are looking at? My Origins, which are a similar style, are 17x9, +30 front and rear. They wouldn't clear my front brakes (same as Z32) or coils, without 10mm of spacing. However, like I said, it will always vary.
im just trying to keep the price as low as i can thats why im going with the mb weapons. But thank you. And what do you mean it varies on teh zize is there other values i should be including?
No, I was just curious what these wheels are selling for. Clearance can vary slightly, depending on the thickness of the lip, the size/position/thickeness of the spokes, etc. Offset and width are usually good to base clearance off of, but it's not always going to be perfect
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