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Megan Coilover binding noise

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SO i bought a set of slightly used megan racing street series coilovers and put them on my car, they had about 2 months worth of driving on them when i picked them up. Worked great for the next 2 months then a weird kind of popping noise started to happen whenever i turned. It wasnt too serious, few weeks later the popping noise turned into full out grinding. As it turns out the spring is rotating along the bottom seat instead of staying in place and letting the pillowball rotate. It only happens on the drivers side, so I went to megan's site and followed their steps to disassemble and reassemble the coilover with all parts cleaned and regreased. the noise still happens and only on that one side. I have taken apart and put back together the system a few times now, adjusted the spring compression all over the place, i just DONT understand what the hell is going on here.:scratch:

Any suggestions?
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Are the coils touching? Sometimes they'll do that and pop. They make sleeves to go on the coils or you can just make your own out of rubber tubing, or something like that.
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