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With a bunch of people posting their build-ups, I thought it would be a good idea to consolidate all of them into one post. I've always found these threads to be the most helpful when building my own 240sx so I thought this would be a good resource for newbies.

S13 Builds:
CA18DET Builds-
AlwaySideways' CA18DET Hatch Build-up
boosteds13's CA18DET
Kota2240's CA18DET Coupe Build-up

KA24D/E/T Builds
Asia's KA24DET Hatch Build-up (SOHC>DOHC, Auto>5spd)
brunswick240 KA24DE Build-up (NICO)
FallbrockS13's KA Build-up (Stitch Welding) (Zilvia)
JGSturbo's KA-E Sequential Turbo Build-up (
lrb_2000's KA-T Build-up (NICO)
Marcus' KA Build-up (
Pun1sh3r's KA-T Build Coupe Build
southjrz240's KA24DET Hatch Build-up
Steve Kovac's 11sec KA24DE Hatch w/ spray (drag240sx)
TwoFortySx's KA24 Hatch Build-up (SOHC>DOHC)
Voltron's KA24DET Build-up (
Wildmaxx's KA24ET Build (NWN)

accel_junky's RB20 Build-up or (NICO)
Black240ct's RB20DET Build-up
fock's r32 s13 Build-up & Tune-up
hybridynamics' RB26DET Hatch Build-up (FreshAlloy)
Kansei240sx's RB25DET Hatch (NICO)
rb26ina240's RB26DETT Build-up
rbsileighty's RB20DET Hatch Build-up (NICO)
sx_drifter's RB20DET Hatch Build (NICO)

SR20DET Builds-
2Fass240us' SR20DET Trackslut
Go240's SR20DET Hatch Build-up (Auto>5spd)
maloquist's SR20DET Hatch Build-up
Mtndrifter's SR20DET Coupe Build-up's SR20 Hatch Build
PowerHouseMike's SR Coupe Build-up (VWVortex)
Prelude Guy's Hatch Build-up
RedSVT's SR20DET Build-up and
Rexbo's SR20DET Build-up
RuskeR's SR20DET Hatch Build-up
Shift_Fireplug's SR20DET Hatch Build-up
sr20goofus SR20DET Track Hatch Build-up

300sx's VG30DETT Coupe Build-up (FreshAlloy)

V8 Engines-
DriftJunke's 450sxtt (VH45)
FreeThinker's VH41DE Coupe Build-up (w/ S14 Kouki front end) and here (FreshAlloy)
lsk12's 1uz 4l Quad Cam V8 (Lexus) Silvia Build-up (Zilvia)
Obsydian's VH45DE Silfiniti Build-up
riot0r's Chevy 406ci small block Hatch Build-up (FreshAlloy)

240witSR's Widebody Hatch
DGibb's Hatch Build-up
J-Rho's Track Hatch Build-up (FreshAlloy)
sr20goofus' V-mount
wrx7's Sil40 Build

If I missed yours or anyone else's feel free to post the link.

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good idea - i like looking at all these threads to see what other members are doing. there are some seriously sweet builds here. i'll have part 2 in a bit actually, just waiting on a few random parts

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I need more rb and ca builds. I remember awhile back someone posted a pretty in-depth build for a rb25. I think it was Carl H or someone else. It's a mad old school thread but it was pretty much a step by step install.

Edit: Oh yeah, and there was a thread about a green s13 with a rb26. Everything in the engine bay was relocated under the dash, it was clean as hell. Anyone?
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