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Mini Autmoatic Hydraulic Car Lifts?

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I was browsing around on youtube and came across this video YouTube - drift heaven

At 2:20 it shows what looks like mini hydraulic car lifts. I tried searching around but couldn't find anything on them, so I'm guessing they're custom.

Has anyone else seen these or know anything about them? They would make life a lot easier.
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From Wiki's "Pit Stop" entry

"Automatic pneumatic jacks are used, integrated into the car itself."

Seen them on a lot of race cars. Would be fun to try (but no doubt expensive)
Damn. I'll more into it and try to find a cheaper alternative.
Jesus, $1,200? Well it was a good idea while it lasted..
I think modified mag put them on there s2000 there building right now. I dont know what issue it was in though
I don't keep up with magazines, i haven't even been able to keep up on the forum :p
I think I remember seeing that. *shrug* they blend together.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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