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Misfires, Hesitation and Finally Quit Running Today HELP

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Well I've been fighting a hesitation issue with my car for about a week now... It just randomly does it, but very rarely does it actually run smooth when under heavy acceleration. Up until today it would even do a hiccup every now and then when at 1/8 throttle daily driving.

Also most of the time when I go to start the car it'll fire up and then spit/sputter at like 200rpm's. I can put the gas pedal to the floor and it'll eventually catch-up to 1000rpm's and idle properly. Kinda like it's burning off alot of un-needed fuel?

Gets better.... I come around a turn into my neighborhood and the car shut off and wouldn't fire back up. I popped the hood and nothing looked out of the ordinary. Checked the connectors to the sensors & injectors. Tried to start it and it didn't fire up. I decided to pull the connector off the MAF and it started, but now can only rev to 2300 rpm's. Even with that I can still feel the misfire going on.

So where do I need to start here? I'm running 93octane and replaced the plugs a few weeks ago. Sorry for all the general questions/assumptions, SR's & MAF cars are new to me.
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Well I just got done fucking with it for a bit... I blaim the rain and my dumbass for buying an intake that runs into my fender well for this issue. Yep, the filter was soaked with water and the MAF was wet/dirty. I cleaned it up and ran without the intake (before MAF) and it's better. I'm still getting alot of break-up though.
have you changed the plugs?
New NGK's as of about a month ago.
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