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missing plugs on ka harness

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Need some help in identifing some missing plugs. I recently aquired a 95 240 with no eng trans and a hella wiring mess. I am missing 2 plugs on the stock KA harness that are in the same loom as this sensor in the first picture. It goes up to the plug outlined in red on the side of the fuse box in the second photo. I believe this is the ignition coil (less wires) and the camshaft position sensor (more wires) and the one that is still there is a coolant temp possibly? Sorry I am a total noob when it comes to nissans.. This is what im guessing from paging through the engine electrical wiring manual. One last dumb-dumb question is the last picture the oem switch for the sunroof? Guy had a GHETTO alarm system/moment of massive retardation and sliced and diced both door harness's, under the steering wheel by the kick panel and the wiring behind the center console (which was made of plywood btw). So this switch was like stuffed up under the headliner and was all hacked up. Cant find where they real power wire comes up he had run a wire from the kick panel to the sunroof. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.:scratch:


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