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My 1997 S14 LE 5-speed

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Hi everyone,
This is my 1997 Nissan 240sx LE 5-speed I've had the car for about a year now, The car has been sitting in a garage since 2006 until I had acquired it, it needed a-lot of work. All components were done to stock spec including a new flywheel and clutch, gas tank, fuel sender, fuel pump, injectors, distributer cap and rotor, new plugs, and brand new tires, I had refinished the wheels to factory color spec and is finished in white pearl with grey leather interior, has the rare wood trim option. The only modification I have done is a set of coil overs to give it the proper stance it deserved from factory ( I spent a-lot of time adjusting the preload and ride height), I kept the factory coils as well. I took out the interior and gave it a full detail inside out including a buff and polish, it almost hurts took look at it in direct sunlight with how intense the pearl is lol. I absolutely love the car but the only way I could comfortably drive it is having my head stick out of the sun-roof. I had an account a while ago looking for parts on the classifieds here, but I forgot my old user name so welcome to the forum I guess lol
I look forward to talking to you all thanks!
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That is a very pretty looking car. Looks good. That ride height is appropriate.
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