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Hey guys, Long story short, I love Nissan but am currently driving a 2000 Ford Focus... Here it is, enjoy:

2000 2.0L DOHC Zetec
Underdrive pulleys
SVT header, flex, and cat
Borla Exhaust
Eibach front and rear sway bars
1.5" lowering springs

Hopefully I'll be turbo'd soon :) I actually have a turbo kit, 2 turbos, 2 manifolds (for the KA24DET manifold I'll have to sell to get the focus manifold), intercooler, BOV, boost gauge, turbo timer, and all... All I need is oil lines and injectors and I'm good to go

I'm not sure if any of you could help me on this but I have the papers from the company, and supposedly I put my computer in the box they supplied, fill out the papers with my make/model/year/mods added/ and some other stuff and they tune it for me and its already paid for ($300 value). Thats all I know, is this good or no? Should I have them do it or take it somewhere else, idk

Idk, I may sell it all on here if I can't find the time to do all this retro-fitting... idk
here is what I got:
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