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my 240sx

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clean =O
Thanks.. Its my first Nissan. I really like it so far.

I paid 2240. Its just the base model.. ka24e. I may swap engines eventually. Its just lowered, exhaust and a few suspension mods
Whats your swap?
Not sure yet. Suggestions? Nothing too expensive though
Ive been wanting a rb25 for the longest

But now im debating building a turbo single slamer on the side. Not anytime soon but one day. Would make things alot easier. No wiring or drive shafts needed. Also simpiler
very clean.
i like the wheels
you pulled these wheels off.. great job. those wheels on most cars look atrocious.
looks good man
Very nice. I'm a fan of white rims, but personally I would probably paint them black on a red car. Just because I think it looks nicer. :)
I think the white rims are sick, and yours with the polished lip is amazing....
Nice clean car
damn thats clean
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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