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Some of my bookmarks...

"General stuff"
American-Bablfish translator for translating language on foreign websites
American-US Ebay, buy at your own risk, rare stuff cheap sometimes
American-US Google, search here for random stuff, its where I found most of these sites
American-Has some decent info about the older used cars

"Some Nissan/240SX/Car Forums"
American-Forum primarily, some good tech info but too many annoying newbies
American-Pacific NW Forum
American-Another forum site, some good install and other info
American-Mainly covers Cali scene, forum, some excellent pics from the past events
American-Forum and other Nissan info, great source of info
American-Forum, dont know much about it
American-Seattle forum, nothing good here

"General Nissan"
American-Up and coming Atlanta site, might be an online shop too
American-Arizona up and coming 240SX page
American-Forum, on what? I am not sure
American-Forum, not really an active member
Australian-Great site with fun stuff, home of the 1350BHP Skyline at 43 psi
Australian-Pulsar Gtir, Neo engine info, R32 pics
Japanese-features S15's with many different wheels
New Zealand-Great technical section
Japanese-Not useful for much except Nissan engine and chassis codes
British?-Self explanitory, all about GTiR's
Australian-Good intro to Silvia's
Australian?-Online Nissan-Datsun Resource
Australian-Forum and good FAQ section
American-Nissan FWD place to be
American-Where to talk about FWD SR engines including the NEO VVL's
Australian-A good source of Silvia info, can get S14 SR and S13 CA FSM's here
American-Good Faq and gallery

"CA18DET" that I can find
Australian-CA18DET swap into N13 Pulsar documented
Australian?-Nissan CA18DET and Datsun 1200 Wiring Diagrams
Australian-CA18DET in Datsun 1200, has dyno charts, some video, good stuff
American-Domain purchased, not much done since.

"Enthusiast Sites" Some tech, some pics, some vids
American-East coast drift site (NC, VA, MD)
Japanese-"Area BNR34" Some guys R34 GTR site
American-Drift site (Cali)
American-Good site, Brian's 240SX site, (Down)
Australian-Dave's NisSilvia Site, Great info
Japanese(in eng)-(down)
American-Bremerton personal site (ILikeBacon's site?!?)
American?-Garret turbo troubleshooting
New Zealand-Skyline GTR website
American-RB25 swap into 240SX in WA, AKA Night* the guy kicked from NWN
American-Night's store, warning: he imports engines and cars ILLEGALLY, do not trust him
American-How to read DOHC KA24 error codes
Japanese-Drift movies YAY!
Japanese-Some guys R34 GTR website (may be down)
Japanese-Some guys 180SX website, not really sure what to make of it
Australian-Simple 200SX website
Japanese-Pure Silvia Pictures, probably others if you search
Australian-Probably one of the only S15 technical sites around, I think the guy has the S15 FSM
Australia-The tech side of his site
American-(Texas) Its a shop with some pics of swaps, not sure why I kept it
Australian-Great site for certain tech info, drift, etc...
Malaysia-Michael Yip explains drifting, its ok I guess
Japanese-Super weird site, if you can figure out the site you can download their RomEditor and ROMS. If not I might be able to dig them up on my comp for you.
American-Nothing much up here yet (AZ)
American-Nadine's car (Cali)
Australian?-Beginners Silvia site
American-How to read Nissan serial numbers, extremely useful if understood
American-Stages of an S13>S15 headlight conversion
Japanese-Wild looking R33 GTR and other stuff typical of Japanese sites
American-Drift and Sileighty material (Cali)
PS he has some good links too, so check them out, I wont waste my time posting them (unless i do it accidently)
Japanese-Another R34 GTR site lots of pics of his car
American-Source of S13 Microfiche
American-Errin's site, adds a fun human aspect to an otherwise technical SR/Silvia HL swap
Japanese-Old~2000, Silvia pics from Tokyo Auto Salon
American?-Some good calculators and other tech info
American-Good Tire Calculator with some visual reference
American-If your going to Hawaii or want to know whats up on the island this is the site
American-Some 240SX install stuff
American-Some good past featured cars
Australian-Some pics and video of something, havent taken time to dl it yet

"SR20DET Help Sites"
American-Excellent SR site
American?-Source of SR20DET ECU pinout info and other Nissan stuff
American-SCC SR20DET How to install
American-FA thread on how to install T28 onto S13 SR (RHD)
American-Name says it all
American-Explanation on valve stem seals (Haha)
American-How to remove gauge cluster, also a store
American-FA thread, the famous "Name that Nissan ECU" thread

"Stores" Primarily Nissan/SR20DET oriented
American?-Only good for pics, I think the company is long gone
American-good source of Japanese bodykits and other hard to find products (Minnesota)
American-Nissan dealer, source of parts (Texas)
American-Heavy Throttle SR central (New York)
American-Shop in Cali selling whatever JDM parts they have on hand
American-Store RB swaps (Cali)
American-NWN Sponsor in BC (Duh)
American-Up and coming shop (Cali)
American-Another SR products store (FL)
American-Source of SR20's and other engines (Cali)
American-Swap specialists (east coast)
American-HKS SR20DET parts listing
Australian-Store from down-under
American-Store (Down?)
American-Store (Tex?)
American-Store (Cali)
American-SR20 and other engine source (Cali)
American-SR20 and other parts (Cali)
South African-For Nissan serial numbers and estimated prices (in Zal) go to owning, then parts, then passenger vehicles and choose a vehicle. The 200SX = Silvia S14 with the serial numbers
American-Could be useful if you know what your doing
American-Only RI that can (or should I say 'will') legally import EPA approved Skylines
American-Good links section to all the top manufacturers so you dont have to go searching for company websites
Japanese (english)-All the Japanese parts you can imagine, though can you get them over here is a different one?
American-Trouble locating used parts anyone?!?

"Some more sites" Vids, WRC, Govt, Other cars
United Arab Emirites-Lucky guys in the desert
American-Awesome WRC vids
American-Washington emissions laws
American-Importing vehicles (EPA side) USA
American-Importing vehicles (NHTSA side) USA
American-Its for last gen Supras I know, but it has outstanding pics, and incredible info, some of which can be applied to any car.
American-Lots of 600HP+ Supra's (Hence the title T04R)
American-Was good a few years ago, then became commercialized

"For Fun"
American-Self explanitory
American-Better than IMO
American-Like I said "For Fun"
American-Classic comedy, good links section too for more funny stuff

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very nice Speedracer. Here is my URLs: :)
Lexus IS300 forums
L euro Lexus Club
Lexus Toyota Tunner
My friends performance store
my favorite search engine
my old forums which i took down and put back up again. We were featured on grassroots motorsports with the race civic that Tim Myers pilots.
Learn PS technicques and other fun stuff
all the time of course

thats all i can think of right now.
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