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my build(everyone else has one...LOTA PICS)

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figured i would get started on one...
i like pics mroe then typing...
i bought my 1st 240sx for my x. it was a 1990.paid 1k
my 2nd 240(bought it from my x) again 1990.paid 50bucks(told her its all the junkyard would give her.)
i for some reason dont have much for before pics of it...
only pic i can find of the before.(mom took this pic after i put it there.)

i primered the car due to someone keying the Crap out of it.(i primered over the stickers because i didnt care much. just didnt want it to rust because it went to bare metal)

bad fuel pump
2 ignition switch's(one to unlock wheel 1 to start car)
pignose with a lil bit of damage(mainly to the front bumper)
fixed all ^ and the motor threw a rod.
i got a motor from a friend for free. was a high comp sohc deciently built.(so i was told when i got it.)
ran great. dd'd it for about 7 months.
insurance lapsed due to lack of payment for loss of job.
got rearended by a girl doin 90 on the highway.(heavy traffic and i was doin 90 and she was about 2 car lengths behind me and i was following about 10 other cars doin the same speed.) this person 3 car infront of me locked up there breaks. i heard it and the person infront of me locked up his. i went from 90-0 in like 1second flat. slammed in reverse mashed the gas and breaks . when i hit finaly stoped.BAM she was looking for a cd on her floorboard didnt even see anyone slowing down.

after the accident...
motor was pushed foward 3 inch's.

right before it went to the junkyard.^^^
my temp daily till i got a new daily and could keep it low milage.(original owner 68k miles. 1994 every option)

u can see the bumper of 240sx#3(truely 2 but i bought the same one twice...) $900
didnt have her long.

how i bought er
when i got home the next day after buying.

lowered on megan springs.
did a bunch of led mods.
both dome lights tail lights turn signals...
some of the leds.


turns were 3 arrows
<<< like that.

i blew a headgasket. rebuilt the entire motor.
i got tboned roughly 3 weeks after owning.(they call it sideswiping from how he hit me but i say its a tbone.)
guy ran a stopsign to go left and hit me with the front right side of his bumper around the doorhandle area and nearly ripped my bumper off. ended up shifting my rearend about 2 inch's to the pass side.
couldnt get a good pic.

i got nothing from the car insurance wise or in the sale.(traded for a motor that was messed up. didnt no it was broken till after i got it in the car a few months later. traded my brother so i didnt care to check. ended up going to my old s14 and stripping it bare. took the seats rims engine... anything i could get money for.

year later(this jan area) bought my newest 240sx.
1993 complete Factory. non se :(
this time im gettin smart for insurance reasons. bought a camera and taking pics almost daily.

didnt have a pic of first bought.
the car looked exavtly like this except a chrome roof.
this was right after i got rid of the chrome roof(owned by a mexican before me.)
this time around im takin alot of pics (atleast once a week of a full circle around the car for insurance reasons due to the last accident not paying from lack of proof he did it...)
changed the seats first day

spent 900 in parts tryn to figure out whats wrong with it...
after i got it running and finaly figured out what was wrong.(the gear for the distrib was bad)(the one that the distrib hooks to.) after 20hours + of trouble shooting and testing and replacing all the sensors that didnt pass the testing. figured it was the distrib itself.(worked from cheapest to most exp...) bought a brand new one and it didnt solve nething. thats when we realized it was that gear.
10 miles later HELLO RODKNOCK
while it was broke i figured i would do a few looks things.
did my headlight mod

dome light

ebrake part didnt hold tho...

ended up changing back to the factory shifter(lowered the shifter to much and cant use this one. most likly going back i like this style shifter...)
cut the front springs to make it sit even(1 1/2 coils off) wasnt going for LOW just wanted the look of EVEN!!!
swaped out exhausts for my old one that i had sititng in my backyard.(no exhaust leaks)
(was like this all over)
pulled the motor and replaced it with one out of a s14 out of the junkyard.(just tryed to save money and bolt it in and call it done.) Hello blown HG
got the head off to find out it had bent valves.
so off to the shop.
got it back like this

(how they droped it off... asked them to because i was gonna be home like 30 min after they were there.

while waitin on parts i figured i would clean the engine bay up a lil.

got the motor back in. ran great for 1k miles.
i added power mirrors.
did the 180sx break conversion
was working on adding a lightup rearview that didnt go so well...(wont stick to the windshield.)
painted the rims(gonna repaint soon. i want a DARK bronze color.)
removed my nonworking gauge cluster and made my own kinda.(its a temp but its not top priority to fix)
put a tach were the gauge cluster use to be
added a oil psi volts and temp gauge to the center where the ac stuff use to be.
for mph i have my tomtom hardwired to the dash(u can see it in my sig a lil bit.)
Hello spun rod bearing.(oil squirter broke.)
on the teardown i found i had broken timing chain guides. the oil squirter. and a spun rod. got it all machiened cleaned and whatnot.(what ever he said was needed dad was paying and said just make it right...)
just got the block back from the shop.

and atm im at a stand still. gotta get a oil squirter... cant find them around here... that and i gotta wait on my parts for the timing.

I know im missing things. gonna go threw all my pics and see what im missing. just seems to short. have been working on this car for 6 months fixing all the problems.
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wow.. you've had your fair share of problems eh?
more then my fair share lol.
the 2 240s that were totaled. 3 months apart.
one in jan got paid at the begining of march and it got totaled at the end of march.
thats not even the worst of it...(keepin this nissan related. past 2 years 15 cars...) just tryn to sort threw all my pics my mom took(she takes 1k+ pics aday... Random things.) gonna be adding more later after i fix my sig.
those cars where ugly as monkey balls.
new one is decent compared
I cried........Seriously Im not joking those first few cars made me tear up. Ask my buddy, hes right next me laughing his balls off at me.

The tan 13 looks like a ferrari in comparison to the others.
yea but the first 2 were cheap(the first one i got roughly 6 years ago. i have no pics of how i got it besides the one.) it was Clean looking minus the hatch and front bumper.
the 2nd one some azzhole stole the front off it about the same time i drove to get it. thats what the guy had said that i bought it from... price went from 2k to 900 (drove a 6 hours to get it cause there was none closer at the time)there was no damage to the radiator supports or nething on the 14. minus the hood fenders and bumper lookin bad. it was clean.(and i got it for 900 due to the fact it needed a new front clip just didnt have it long enough to get one)
Epic history of you cars
time for a lil update...

figured i would update the post a lil bit...
i got her running well enough to go on a quick drive.(2blocks away 2 blocks back. getting ready to park. car dies and wouldnt restart.) so i figured i was out of gas(taped the tank and still had gas.) heard this lil Pop sound when i cranked it so i figured the chain broke or something(brand new but was worth a look) poped the vc and counted links in the chain between the dots(timming was close to tdc so i didnt bother moving it.) decided to try to turn it over with the vc off to see if the lower chain broke making it so the upper wouldnt spin. both cam gears spun same dir like they should. then had the thought of actualy watching it so i turned the key with my right foot on the clutch and me hunched over enough to clear the hood. intake cam wasnt spinning. thought i broke the cam. called it good for the night(i only get night time to work on my cars due to im not sapose to and my landlord wont come past 4...) so i called it a night. go to get the cam out take the gears off and get ready to start pulling the cam. noticed the cam gear hollowed out. when i find my pics ill post them... got that fixed tho. and still ran like sh*t.(pic of changing cam gears(there on intake)

(also the stupid flames is to cover the fact that my windshield is busted up all under it... fireworks from the 4th were all over my car. and now i have all these extra dents everywere)gave up for the day.
2 days later i got it timed (went and borrowed cusins light) ran alot better... still wouldnt idle. still bogged after u hit the pedal.(only leaving idle) after idle(1500+)would rev and run perfect... i added a oil catch. and it has the equivlance of like 7 grains of sand in it now...
figured it was due to running rich. no Thermo. so i put a nismo stat in there. no difference. just made it run hotter...(had no thermo and sat at 110 deg)
called it a day.
yesterday i decided to start on her again.(been 3 days) started testing sensors wires n whatnot everything checked out. i decided to start the car and let it idle and test everything that u have to test while the car is running. tps 5v, maf correct... coil has 14v fuel pump had 14v had spark. was gettin ready to check fuel injectors when i realized my fuel pressure was Bouncing BADLY.

(yes it sounds like SH*T thats 3 cyl)
had a friend bring his walbro over to see if it helped and the fuel pressure quit jumping completely. so we started pulling injector plugs. get ready to pull cyl 1 and out of gas.(had 2 gallons in there when we put the walbro in.) got another 2 gallons. car started right up again and same idle issue. waisting no time we pulled cyl 1 started to die. pulled cyl 2 no change. left it unplugged pulled cyl 3 car died. pluged cy 3 in and started then unpluged cyl 4 car died. so then we shut off the car and grabbed my volt meter. ohm tested each injector. cyl 1 11.2ohm cyl 2 19 ohm cyl3 11.1 ohm cyl 4 11.2 ohm.(no pics of the tests. didnt think of it at the time)i gave him his pump back and knew what was sapose to be the problem. bought a new walbro(no point in going factory and no pics yet will snap some when i seal my tank...) and went to the junkyard and picked up a few injectors with a ohm rating of 11ohms. got soaked from head to toe from the rain. i started pulling the rail when it started raining and when i got the rail off it stoped raining and i rung out about 7 ounc's out of my shirt alone.i got the injectors in and now if u unplug any it bogs down like it should. after the new injector n walbro my voltage wouldnt go past 11v and it was slowly droping.(didnt snap a pic.) so i called it a night(3am revin the car on n off while living in a apartment...) today i go out to check my wiring. not getting power from a new alt has to be wiring or fuse or something along those lines. fuse good wiring good. belt tight. onlything i could think of was connection so i ran new wires(both power and ground from the alt.) ground goes to the shock tower. power straight to the battery block that i just added too. old wires are still there to. now 14v and my hesitation is almost gone. it was lasting (leaving idle) for 3-5 seconds. now its a second atmost.

(i need 1 more wire connector for the ground from the alt it is ghetto'd to the shock tower...)

my timing is spot on. the only code is knock sensor(its broken...) i got one from the junkyard and turns out its broken...(didnt have a knock sensor before. how come in the wiring for the sensor. theres 2 wires at the clip n whatnot but at the knock sensor theres only 1? is the wire i got from the junkyard rigged? i took the loom off but i didnt notice anything missing... the clip itself only has 1 wire there. going of memory but the knock sensor has 2.(both parts from a 93 240sx its also what i have...)
the motor is a 95. 93 intake cams...(240/248) Everything is brand new. egr blocked off. gonna be welding the hole shut soon(got a blockoff plate now) iacv iacr both removed. only 2 vacuum lines to the intake. fpr and pbb. the pcv is still there.(all new hoses new pcv new clamps... nothings kinked.) the vc goes to the factory intake piping. other holes were blocked off... idle at 1k rpm(lil bit high but no way to truely fine tune it. no iacv.) but i will have it back down to 800ish when i get er runnin right. might boost the idle a lil bit higher to see if that helps any.(if i have to run at 1400rpm to get rid of the lag for now i will...) gonna posibly retime thur/fri area.(just to see if its off any with the new tps and the fact that it idles 150ish rpm lower now.)
how it sounds atm.(in typing all this i came up with a idea. with the help of a friend. our ideas combined and now she runs so much better.)

the ticking n whatnot is no longer that noisy now that i got it to run right.
i was seting the tps to 5v even. the one thing i didnt consider. the tb is cracked open a lil due to no iacv and thats how i controll the idle. i was setting it with the tb open that mm or 2... i closed the tb completely(would hold fluids and not drop a drop to the other side...) then i set the TPS to 4.8v(exactly) then used the throttle cable to adjust so the TB was open enough so it would idle at 1k rpm(and lower and the car starts to die when comming down from reving...) now she runs like a champ. due to the fact that i only have a lil bit of fuel. i havent drove yet. gonna be sealing up the tank adding another 5 gallons and then going on a spin...

and thats where im at atm.

just some pics of the last motor install figured i would add...
started with this at like 10pm

(i hate pics of myself)

to this at like 1am

snapped a pic the next morning...(after the quick drive and pushing the car to were it was)

^^^ had a rad clamp break...^^^
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wow iam so sorry youre luck is this bad with these cars.. ive had a troubled car or 2 in the past but iam sorry bro. since you already have a daily. you should do the smart thing and save up for a motor swap and stop fucking with that ka shit(been there done that). you get a jap engine send youre harnesses away to get worked on and youre troubles are gone..
this is my daily. i refuse to bring my trans am were i live(to many kids around here that try to steal shit and its PERFECT! not gonna let a bunch of pussy kids fuck it up.)
the black car my hood is against is my g/f's bday gift last year that ended up going bad...(its almost complete lol) the lex on the other side of me is one of my neighbors....

wow iam so sorry youre luck is this bad with these cars.. ive had a troubled car or 2 in the past but iam sorry bro. since you already have a daily. you should do the smart thing and save up for a motor swap and stop fucking with that ka shit(been there done that). you get a jap engine send youre harnesses away to get worked on and youre troubles are gone..
Speachless. But i see fonix is back
Look at the date of fonix's post.....
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