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My car is somewhat fast?

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as most of you know my car is slow. so i was very surprised with the results of the other night.

i was driving down the road when some suzuki caught up to me and speed up and slowed down so it was next to me and he did it again so i stepped on it and i caught up to him quick and passed him and he couldnt keep up.

later that night me and my friends just came back from a cruise around town and me and one of are friends was lined up

|me in my 93 240 automatic : him in his sentra(95-99, not sure the year) manual|

I ended up beating him which was very surprising to me

so im 2-1 so far
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I dout that bike one, but the sentra is doable.

But wher ein the same boat. IDK how i beat people. My shit is slow and all stock. Im 5-1

My only loss was to a friends tegi. Which is obvious ive drove that car so many times. I know i was gonna lose, but kept up for a good time
the suzuki wasn't a bike it was a car, idk what type one suzuki i think it was a Suzuki SX4
Thies are slow as shit,, thats why lol
Thies are slow as shit,, thats why lol
I lol'd
Thies are slow as shit,, thats why lol
I know they are but so is mine, my quarter mile time is low 19's :lamende:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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