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My coupe is acting up, help please!!

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The past few weeks my coupe has been bogging down. Ok today i start it up, let it sit a few minutes, tap the gas and it shuts off. then I start it back up and tap the gas and it starts to rev up and down for about 2 minutes on its own and shuts off again. so I start it 1 more time and try to leave and as soon as i started going up hill the car shuts off after bogging down again. Any ideas? please help.
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sounds to me like your running out of fuel. Check your fuel pressure.
I changed the fuel filtet and the fuel pump, and still the same. But the fuel pump I used was a friends old pump, so it may be bad.. How do I check my fuel pressure?? thanks
pull an injector and see if fuel is spraying out
Alright will do thank you. And if no fuel pressure get a new fuel pump?
it could be allot of things, clog in fuel filter, too much corrosion inside injectors blocking valves partially, bad alternator, bad battery ground, too corroded battery posts, clog in fuel rail inlet happened to me, it could be soo many things, thes are just ones off the top of my head. and if there's no fuel pressure, it could be but most likely won't be your fuel pump.
ya he is right it could be alot of things. start of by checking your injector then report back to us
Alright guys injector did spray but barely, and now that you mention it the lights have been getting dim and I had to jump the battery the other day.. So maybe the alt is going out to? or are the injectors suppose to barely spray?? I have an e alt will it work if my alt is bad??
I'm thinking about rebuilding the engine. I have e pistons from a hard body e and thinking about goin with those when I do. I'm just wondering do you guys think it woulld be a good idea to go ahead and rebuild the engine it has 340,000 miles on it..
an easy fix for that could be putting extra grounds on. One from your neg terminal to the frame and another one from the neg terminal to the engine block. You should use a heavy guage wire like a 0 or 1 guage but 4 guage will cut it. I used amp ground wire (0 guage) on mine which helped tons. I have noticed a lot of cars recently having bad gounding issues, it does seem to be a pretty common problem.
One thing I forgot to mention is that the air to fuel ration guage was reading rich also my exhaust was white. on top of that there was a hole in my brake booster line I found today which might explain why my back brakes don't really work?? and my e brake won't work. the brake booster line was makin a whistling noise when I gound it, would this be my problem? I changed it with some hose I cut from my air compressor line and that didn't really help.. so would it be that that line was not sufficient??
I have checked timing, swapped the dizzy,plugs,wires,MAF,and O2 sensor. I bypassed the knock sensor and that did nothing, i also unplugged the o2 just to see and it didn't do anything either. I went and bought some amp wires from pull-a-part for $2.50 and grounded it a few places. I took it for a ride today and the main fuze blew and when i got it fixed the car wouldn't start, i noticed it was turning over pretty quick. so I did a compression test and all cylinders come back to have no compression at all. WTF! I've also put in a new fuel pump.
if the battery starts up and after a few minutes everything starts dimming and shuts off its probably the alternator.
already changed the alt, thats not the issue.
that would be my block that has 340,000 miles. I got about 65,000 miles on it since i had it rebuilt. So it really shouldn't have any problems... I have another block I'm rebuilding but I really don't wanna drop it in til I figure this out cause it really bothers me. I replaced the ecu today. nothing....
Ok compression is fixed needed a new intake cam. 1 of the bolts backed out and lots of stuff happened, been busy tryin to get it running right the last few days but still nothing, got a new cam it's back running but still running like shit why?????????????
I have also been having similar issues but mine just bogs and surges when it is cold. it doesn't shut off tho. When its warm outside it runs just fine. its very odd. i hope you get your problem fixed!
thread is old. fuel related. perfect the fuel system there you go. and im sure he dropped this motor and put in the 383 stroker
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