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Need guidance for s13 transmission kit

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I have a 5 speed i believe from a 89 240sx ta71b#1 dont know what that means but thats on the transmission can someone guide me to a rebuild kit that will work for my transmission thanks new to this forum stuff 馃憤
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I rebuilt a couple of those. What is the reason you are rebuilding it?
The marks in the middle of the gears are normal. They helps move gear oil. Your transmission looks in good shape. I would refresh the bearings and synchrnos. Make sure the bearing don't make noise before you put them on. You will need a press to do this. Link for one here

Here is the transmission kit I used and other parts for my s13 trans:
1Transtar Transmission Rebuild kit w/ synchrno ringsBK133BWS$138.77Link
1NissanMain Shaft Nut32354-E9803$16.81Link
1NissanCounter Shaft Nut32236-E9500$10.16Link
1NissanGasket for shafter Cover32516-03U1121.06Link
2NissanReverse Lamp Switch Assembly / Overdrive switch (same switch)32005-21U1B$30.83$61.66Link
1NissanNeutral Safety Switch32006-M8060$39.50Link
1Red Line(MT) 90W Gear Oil - Synthetic Gear Lube50305$90.60Link

Replacing main and counter shaft nuts are a must. Also you will need to make a special tool to torque the main nut. I welded a 1 15/16 socket onto the old clutch and put a wrench on the main nut. So I was able to torque it down.

Switches go as followed

  1. Reverse switch (blue - OEM Part# 3200521u1b) Same as overdrive
  2. Neutral switch (purple- OEM Part# 32006m8060)
  3. Overdrive switch (red - OEM Part# 3200521u1b ) Same as reverse
  4. Speed sensor (Indicated with yellow circle)

Anymore questions or pictures needed let me know.
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