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need help rear tail lights brack lights and guage back light not working..

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ok so i have a '89 FB with a kaE and just finished replacing the dash+int. panels and my . brake lights,rear running lights and gauge lights do not work, i have checked the fuse and the 15amp. where blown then i changed them and as soon as I turned the lights on they poped again, i disconnected all the rear lights from the plugs(not bulbs) and then put in a fuse but it poped again. dont really want to wast $$ in fuse's, so can any one help me with this i have a short some where and how can i go about fixing/looking for it. the sensor on the back or top of the brake pedal can that have gone bad, still have the rubber circle thing with the little metal ring on it so can the sensor/relay have gone bad? THANKS:tongue4:
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if you just recently replaced your dash. take out your gauge cluster and make sure you have the plugs in the correct spot. make sure the plugs are in this order, from left to right. Black, White, White.....i had them swapped and my cluster stopped working, cluster lights and what not. now the brake lights and the open circuit that you have you might have to retake your dash out and make sure you didnt pinch a wire on the harness. good luck, i know it took me a little over a week to find the problem, mainly due to work, but nonetheless, you have to take everything back off. but first try the cluster and make sure you plugged them into the correct connectors.
thanks will try that right now.
keep the input coming.
k too dark to do any thing. f'n plastic piece around the cluster(is there a easy way to remove?)
any ways will try reconnecting tmrw. there was a brown wire on the driver side that went from the front (underdash) and went to the rear trunk light (small one on the right side that turns on) and then there was another brown wire from the same spot on the psng. side that ran under the radio area. when i pulled it to try and trace it from the rear trunk light it was not connected (like it was raped and intertwined with other wires under radio area) the one side was striped to wrap around the wire for the rear trunk light the other was cut. so i got rid of it and now i connected the other one from the drive side dash to the rear trunk light so that may or may not be a possibility.
to take off the black cluster cover, drop the steering column. its a 12mm bolt, 2, one on each side. drop that, and it should just come right out.
ok so i went at it and turns out that the top BL bulb was shattered,and 1 of the tail light housing4 the brake light+running light was burning lol melted plastic and discolored connectors.. and the gauges I just unplugged and re connected them blk2wht, +new fuses. so far so good...

thanks for the help.
no problem...
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