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Need help : S14 sr20det Interior power plug pinout

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so i was wiring up my interior plug from the s14 harness into my s13 using this guide:

i realized my plug was a little bit different

this is the plug i have .
pin #48 is black/red. not red/blue . is the black/red still power to injectors?

pin #38 is missing , black/red . is there another wire i can use in its place?

**the 2 larger BLACK/RED wires at the end are #'s 40 / 48

a pinout or any info on this plug would be great.
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Help Please ! S14 SR wiring

i already made a post for this but i may have put it in the wrong section so heres a link :
By The Way , if it means anything this harness was from MYNISMO
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i had some time today to mess with the wiring again and do some more research. i came across this : .

apparently this is a kouki setup. i have WC ECU with a kouki harness is what i am guessing.

this diagram did not match my f4 plug exactly but better than the first one.

i did some rewiring and was able to get correct wires for spark and fuel but still wont start.

i pulled off the camshaft position sensor to make sure it was set at TDC and put it back in.

while rotating the CPS back and forth my fuel pump would turn on and off?

i have to have something mixed up somewhere, but where?? i never touched the any of the wires off the CPS anywhere along the line.. could it be because my ECU/Harness combo?
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