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Need help with brake upgrade options

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Its come time for a brake upgrade on my 91 240sx. The stock rotors and pads are shot and the power is way to much for a stock braking system. This is what I was thinking but im having some issues with finding what I need in searches... I want to do the 300zx calipers since i can get them for a fairly cheap price. Im currently running a 4 lug 15" Enkei Racing wheel which i know will allow caliper clearance when it comes to caliper width. My problem is which rotor to go with and clearance issues. I was thinking a Project Mu rotor made for a late 80's model non turbo 300zx, which if i remember correctly came in 4 lug or so i remember seeing at the junkyard....i hope. i believe that particular rotor if im not mistaken came in 4 lug, is slightly bigger (by 1"), than the OEM 240 rotor. so with that in mind will a 300zx turbo caliper with a 300zx nonturbo rotor clear a 15" wheel if its at all possible?

anyone have any other brake upgrade options with atleast a 4 piston caliper that will clear 15" brakes with out going rotora, wilwood, or Brembo, as they are a little out of my price range for a kit.
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yea i would sell the wheels, get some 16's so you have more options in your brake setup..

standard 300zx 30mm isnt bad at all.. with some nice rotors and pads.. your good to go
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