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need help

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i'm new here, need help on my 1989 240sx automatic (185,000 miles)
just the other day i notice - @ speed of 50-60mph my rpm is @3000 running smooth- no problem but when i hit the speed of 70-80mph my rpm goes up @4000 and the engine sound is loud but when i press the overdrive rpm goes [email protected] and engine sound normal - drives smooth, i have to press and keep my hand on the overdrive all the time but then again when i release and take out my hand on the overdrive and not press it - rpm goes back [email protected] and engine sound is loud (louder than normal) i know there is something wrong - What is it? what is the problem?
please - need your help. thanks
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probably need a new overdrive switch. my buddy had the same problem with his 4 wheel drive button on his old subaru gl and he wired it to a toggle switch. I imagine you can do the same thing with the overdrive button if you wanna go that route.
Sounds like the catch on the switch is broken (wont stay down)
You need an extra gear and an extra pedal to fix that
i sent a pm i have an oem automatic tranny shifter piece if he wants it.
Yaaaay solutions
guess he doesn't want it he hasn't messaged me.
sorry for not responding to your message right away, actually i can't log-in i forgot my password... getting old... ha..ha...ha.. and my mechanic is in Mexico for personnal reason and don't know the time frame of his return.
anyway sure i would like the shifter that you offer, hope you still have it, just one question just want to make sure, is it in working condition? and for sure we can work out the detail of pricing and shipping to follow.
thanks in advance and sorry again for the late follow up on my part.
talk to you later...
if he's selling it to you i think its working... but i could be wrong.. but really you could just tape the button down??? until that 5 speed swap
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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