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Need Help!

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I have a 1997 240sx that I would like to turbo the only problem is that my engine has 220k miles on it. What would be the first step for me to be able to do this?. I have always wanted to turbo my KA because I dont want to be like everyone else and get an SR(Even do I still would not mind this engine because it seems like it also has alot of potential and it sounds great). The only thing is, from what I have research it would be cheaper to get an SR right now than to turbo my KA. I also wanted to do all the work my self to save money but it seems to be to hard. Can you help me out?

PS: I did a five speed swap on it.
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rebuild it, put forged internals, and turbo kit. its will cost about the same as going SR, but a lot more power and a fresh rebuild.

if you go SR, you have to rebuild the motor anyway, and that is more money spent. so its actually cheaper than the SR swap.

also, do some more research as far as what to do, i can tell this might turn into a KA vs SR swap soon....we dont need another one of these. there is a lot of info on ka-t.

register with - The Home of 1000+ whp/7 sec Turbo KA's there are a lot of people on there and i have seen a few of step by step on there and how to put together a junkyard set up....
Thanks man. Yeah I really did not wanted to ask the question because I did not wanted it to turn into a SR vs KA deal. Somebody is chargin me 4300 for a complete S14 SR swap with A/C. Can I do my KA cheaper than that. I think you answered this question also because you said I would still have to rebuild the SR but you know neeb ?.
$4300! That is way too much, unless it's an entire car. I bought my Silvia for $4500.
WOW thats awesome from where? What would be a good price for a swap like that?
Thats for him doing the work also
I am stationed in Japan right now, I bought the car here. I still think that's a lot of money, even with him doing the work. I'm not really sure what prices the swaps really go for, but I've heard $2k-$2.5k is about average for these swaps.
Cool man than I need to keep researching.
Japan that must be awesome how is it over there?
Yeah, sorry, I've never really researched the swap, I haven't really needed to, already have the SR. ;) There's several "bolt-on" turbo kits available for the KA. For $4500 you can get the Greddy kit, which is just complete with everything you need, including fuel manangement (but no intercooler), and you'll still have money left over to "shore-up" the motor.
Greddy 11520633 1995-1998 Nissan 240SX KA24DE Turbo Kit

Turbonetics kit, has intercooler:
Turbonetics Turbo Kit Nissan 240SX S14(95-98) - 15126

There are also many other cheaper kits out there, that only have the turbo and manifold and piping, but you'll still have to buy the fuel mods, intercooler, etc.
ka24de turbo kit - Google Product Search

Japan that must be awesome how is it over there?
It's been an awesome experience. It's humbled me a lot and unfortunately it's kinda numbed me to whole "JDM" thing. However, it has been great to have experienced a side of the import tuning culture that few Americans have seen.

edit: yeah, with that kind of mileage, I would do rebuild, with some minor reinforcement, if you want to throw some boost at it. You can have a pretty strong turbo KA for the price of that SR swap.
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Thats awesome. Someday I would like to visit that side of the world some time before I die. Good luck and have fun
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