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Need some advice

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Hey guys, so i have an automatic 90' 240sx with the sohc engine. Sooner or later i wanted swap in the DOHC. Problem is, its also automatic, and i also need to swap trannys. Should I tranny swap it first, then swap in the DOHC ? Or swap in the DOHC then tranny swap it. Sorry for the noob question. Thanks
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just do it all at once. easier. Why dont you want to keep the sohc? How many miles on the motor?
it has 176k on the motor.
Well, i wanted more torque and higher HP and i would rebuild whether i had a DOHC or SOHC.
ok. your probably not going to feel much of a difference in the dohc over the sohc. i got a sohc i wouldn't mind building that up a little bit.
Agreed ^. Your not going to gain shit going form a SOHC to a DOHC but an emptier wallet and more time sitting in the garage. Parts for the DOHC are more expensive than the SOHC (cams = $500+ for a DOHC, $175 for a SOHC) and your gaining a measly +15hp assuming the DOHC you just installed is in perfect condition.
Honestly I would keep the SOHC or rebuild it. The only difference is the ability to adjust cam lobe separation angle (if you even know what that is.....) and a slightly better aftermarket at a much higher price.
alright thanks, but does the ka-e have good aftermarket support also ? Everywhere i look its always the dohc . Im pretty sure there is. Im just not looking at the right places. Thanks though guys.
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