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Need some advice.

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So I replaced my Timing and head gasket a few weeks back and have been busy getting ready for Nopi ATL and didnt really mess with it much.... what im wanting to get from you guys is the correct timing Setup ( to Quadruple check the onces i have)

Pretty much got everything back together putt oil in it and Coolant, Hook the ECU back up etc. Try to crank it and it turns over i can hear the lube thro exhaust of it trying to crank and its not so ive played with the ignition timing 100 times or more lol with the same or worst results. Check spark plugs all soaked with gas.. My Compressiion tester decided to take a crap on my while doing a comp test on a friends ka so i dont have anything to see what my comp is after the new headgasket... any info or tips would be great.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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