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need stock rb25det pistons and rings

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Basically, what I am doing is rebuilding my rb25det and one route to take is to see if can I can find two stock pistons and the rings. The other route is spend a little more money and get some after market pistons. I will also need main bearings. advice would be appreciated. thanks
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Call Rims and Things 1-846-787-5807 they should be able to Help.
are you kidding me rims and things is THE worst shop EVAR.
dont waste your time, if you need bearings and stuff i may have a source for them soon but rims and things is a horrible way to go.
thats pretty amazing, they were complete douche bags to me and tried to sell me broken shit.
basicly if they think they can swindle you because they use lots of 'gay-dee-em speak' and think you arnt smart then they will.
also if they tell you they can legalize skylines, they cant.
the first (and last) time i went there i was looking at the engines they had and they looked like they had been used as boat anchors, they had srs sitting on the oil pans and what appeared to be trees and crap growing in some throttle bodies of motors.
dodgy shop at best not to be trusted at all.
we have the bearing in aftermarket STD and .010 undersize...
thanks guys for all the help. i think i know who i'm going to run with. i've been given a really good package deal.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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