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need urgent not starting..

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hey, last night i was out drifting.. as soon as i went sideways i got to about 5-6 rpm all the sudden the car just died... just like cars still on the street so hopfully its just an easy fix, i check most of the fuses on the passengers side in the engine bay, not the big sqare ones..and the ones inside the cabin.. the car has good spark and gas. did i blow one of those big fuses? has anybody had this problem before? its a redtop sr in a 93 se. i would try and start it, it would jump to about 1000 rpm for a sec then die. i came back later (about 20 min) and tryed to start it, and it would just turn over with not attempting to start. plz let me know what you guy think.. somthing tells me the injectors arnt there a fuse or relay i should check? thanks in advance
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loose wiring?
i'm having a problem with my car at the moment also. crap is pissing me off, hopefully it'll be fixed tomorrow.:)
Check your cam and crank sensors, make sure they are plugged in and check their cotinuity to the computer, if the sensors are both plugged in and they have good cotinuity that is all your computer needs to spray the fuel injectors.
Ya sounds like somthins loose. Make sure everythings pluged in and check your ecu to see if thats plugged in the whole way.Check you batt and starter to make sure there not bad. You could also look and see if theres any grounds that came loose.
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