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new build to start

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ok as some may know(not that active ) i had a problem with the 240 sx i bought but whatever. friday i should be recieving my money for it.

i am just wanting some ideas. i am buying a 1989 240 stripped and any rust cut out an an sr20det total cost will be4500-5000 for that. with the extra 2500 what should i do with that? i know i should get a better clutch.

i want this car to be more of a show/drag car and want my hp range to be about 400-500 hp (theory go big or go home) all of this wont be completed now it will be done from now till next winter but to start off should i get it painted or build motor first? help with ideas because i am lost
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Hell with the paint for now..get the motor running in tip top shape. Paint can always wait build the motor
When you pull the engine paint it. Make sure you find any brake fluid leaks because it will mess your paint up.
i dont really want to paint the motor. i want to polish the sh*t out of it have a redtop and nice silver. well maybe i will paint it a nicer silver. thanks for the oil leak part those are never good either way.

other then that to reach my goals should i just do a basic forge job as in pistons cams crank lifters ect ect? any links possibly to a build of that power that still runs pump gas?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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