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new build

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i just picked up a 89 240sx a few weeks currently has the vg30 motor/trans in it...ive began stripping the entire thing and looking for some pointers and ideas of what to do with the car. the previous owner...or who ever did the vg30 swap...ghetto rigged first instinct...pull the motor...replace with sr20det. good idea/bad idea?

the shifter is further back and cut out to make it fit...still all chopped up and ugly as hell looking...and also requires moving the e-brake. Are there motor mount kits to offset the motor further forward since there is plenty of room to have it moved forward and make the shifter fit into the correct location? ive looked..found nothing

the striking rod for the shifter going into the tranny is completely shot...have a replacement rod for it but having difficult time dropping the room to get top trans bolts out... probably have to pull motor and trans together just to replace the rod??

would i be better off pulling the motor...selling motor tranny ecu...the works basically and just swap with something easier to work on...or is that motor in that car worth keeping??
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vg30de 24v twin cam non turbo
Honestly, I would just fix what ever the previous owner messed up and keep the VG.
Btw, is this yours?
nope but saw that vid =p ive considered keeping it...and idk if im up for all the custom work for making the tranny fit...and for the one around works with its about impossible to work on....cant turbocharge it...might possibly have room for supercharger but im looking to get in the 300hp range atleast. heard the sr20det can easily get that with bolt on upgrades. just having trouble deciding whats going to fit best...whats easy to work with...and what i can upgrade if i decide to invest more money for more hp.... toss up between rb25det and sr20det. unless somone can convice me the vg30de is worth keeping over the sr20 or rb25 =]
Gotta ask...if you didn't want the VG in it...why'd you get that car?
vg's are nice. my brothers stock na in his 300zx has some ok, good power, especially top end wise. the money you spent doin an sr swap, you can make that vg run real good instead of getting almost around the same power
i got it super cheap only 250$ ... the body was descent... it was somone elses project they quit...and failed at miserably... everything from the engine the drive train..the body work they did...the exhaust...all of it was im going through and replacing everything and rebuilding it piece by piece. i live in michigan so its going to be a summer car... so i was going to sell the vg... buy an sr20det and rebuild it over the winter and get the body work and interior done. can get the sr20 used for about 1700 for complete swap... the vg is rated at 222hp and the sr20 is 205 i believe... but can do more with the sr20 from what ive heard. the vg has better higher end torque but im looking for low end.
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